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If you are a sole trader, please upload proof of your identity (passport or drivers license) in a PDF, doc or image smaller than 2MB in size.
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Privacy disclosure and consent: By clicking the join today button. I consent to Flexi-Fi giving and seeking information about my personal and/or commercial activities including the business, its directors, trade references and credit worthiness from credit reporting agencies and other credit providers named in reports from those agencies. I certify that the information (including personal data) I have provided is true and correct and I acknowledge that Flexi-Fi is relying upon such information to assess this Application for Accreditation with Flexi-Fi. I acknowledge that I have read the Flexi-Fi Privacy Policy which is available at https://www.flexifi.com/privacy/, which contains information about credit reporting including details about the credit reporting bodies to whom Flexi-Fi may disclose any information for pre-screening.

Consent to receive document electronically

I consent to receive the documents that Flexi-Fi may give to me by electronic communication to the nominated mobile telephone number and/or email address provided by me to Flexi-Fi. By giving this consent, I understand that paper documents may no longer be given and I must check electronic communications regularly for documents from Flexi-Fi.