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Considering a home gym?

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Considering investing in a home gym?

Below are our top reasons for having a home gym:


Face it – we are all living hectic lifestyles. Meaning that we have to pick and choose how we spend our time based on whatever is thrown at us.

So now imagine a life where you don’t have to do the following:

  1. Pack gym gear.
  2. Commute to the gym.
  3. Wait to use the equipment you want.
  4. Wait to take a shower at the gym.

And it doesn’t stop there. All those things that you don’t really think of really add up to a significant amount of time. Many people claim to spend at least two hours in the gym but how much of that time is actually spent working out?

Think of all the wasted time … You drive to the gym, spend time looking for a parking space. Eventually, you leave your car and walk across the parking lot into the gym. Once inside, you scan your card and walk to the changing room. When you get there you check 100's of lockers before finding an empty one to unload all of your stuff. Finally, you leave the locker room… and then you walk some more to the actual gym!

When you really break it down, that adds up to a lot of time. Oh, and then reverse it on the way out… even more time!

With a home gym from Mc Sport, you basically eliminate all that wasted time, allowing you to focus on what matters… getting your workout done and get on with your day.


Let's be honest for a second…

You’ve skipped some workouts because “something popped up.” Or you just couldn’t face a crowded gym first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening after work so you give it a skip! Or then there's ‘It’s too cold outside’ or ‘I’m feeling lazy’. We’ve all done it. Sometimes there’s no avoiding it.

With a home gym, the ability to adjust to your day is significantly easier. You can work out whenever your time permits. Your gym is open 24/7. So you’ve no more excuses for skipping your workout!

Your Gym, Your Rules

“Don’t Drop the weights.”

“Can we share? Are you finished with that? ”

“No curling in the squat rack.”

“No grunting.”

“Clothing required.”

Sound familiar?

Gyms have a lot of rules. Some are legit in fairness, while others are ridiculous. Often, these rules can limit your training style, kill your buzz, and impact your overall performance.

But with a home gym, you are in complete control of everything! Your Gym Your Rules

You can…

  • Wear whatever you want, whatever you are most comfortable with.
  • Listen to whatever music you like and as loud as you like.
  • Drop your weights and deadlift like a normal human.
  • Use a machine for as long as you like.

You’re the boss!

Equipment Selection

Do you wish that the gym equipment was better suited for your training needs? Often find that there was either not enough of want you needed or way too much of what you didn’t need (leg extensions, ab machines, fixed barbells, etc…). How frustrating!

The thing about gyms is that they are programmed to accommodate the general population. So they don’t necessarily provide the exact equipment your workout requires.

A home gym gives you that option in spades! You have the opportunity to pick and choose your equipment to precisely meet your favourite workouts.

Mc Sport allows you to choose equipment to suit your training style so you don't have to change your workout to suit the equipment.


They say money doesn’t buy happiness, but it can buy fab gym equipment from Mc Sport!

Firstly you’ll save money by not having a monthly gym membership (not being used & being debited from your account every month). Instead, you can have gym equipment in your home for good and spread the cost over a payment plan that suits you using your Flexi-Fi approval.


Gyms are full of distractions. From the dozens of people surrounding you to the TVs on every wall… checking out the guy or girl working our to being stuck to your phone... it’s easy to get distracted and lose focus on the reason you’re even at the gym…to workout!

A gym at home from Mc Sport eliminates these distractions and allows you to focus on your workout, saving you even more precious time! Yes, there are going to be distractions regardless of venue… I mean, we live in a world dominated by smartphones and the like… but your focus will be improved in a home gym setting.


One thing about commercial gyms is let’s face it… they are germ cesspools!

Most gyms have thousands of members, each of whom leaves their mark. Think of how many people use those dumbbells each and every day… or how many sweaty backs rest on that mat before you… or how many uncovered heads of hair were on the bench before you.

Yes, gyms offer disinfectant wipes but most people never use them. So when you think about it, it is pretty disgusting.

Then when you think about public showers, changing rooms etc.

There lies one of the biggest benefits of having a home gym. The germs are yours!

  1. It’s FUN!

Simply put, building a home gym is fun. Really fun. Seeing your gym come to life is amazing!

From the initial decision to build your own gym to the constant evolution of your Mc Sport equipment and layout, it’s just so much fun & so rewarding.

There’s a certain element of pride when you’re able to show off your home-grown gym. It will be the envy of all your friends. Your friends and family will be lining up to come over and work out with you.

Aside from building your gym and seeing it come to life, the most fun thing about it is actually using it! There isn’t much else like it: enjoying something you’ve created.

So, what now?

Are you convinced that a home gym is a great option for your training and overall daily life?

If so, I encourage you to take that first step. Start the journey now to create your very own home gym. Get in touch with Mc Sport today who would be delighted to assist you in creating your master piece.

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