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Offer simple instalment plans at checkout

Give customers an easy option to pay over time while you get paid straight away.

Benefits for Flexi-Fi retailers

  • Incremental sales, new customers
    Flexi-Fi converts customers that would have otherwise abandoned, generating more sales from existing customer base and creating new customers.

  • Up-front payment
    Flexi-Fi settles with the retailer quickly and automatically.

  • Increase basket size and life time customers
    Flexi-Fi customers spend more per transaction and over their lifetime and repeat their purchases more often.

  • Zero risk
    Flexi-Fi assumes all risk associated with customer payments for every single transaction.

Flexi-Fi Apply Anywhere

Become a Partner

Flexi-Fi is one of the most flexible point of sale finance offerings for your customers in Ireland. To find out more on offering point of sale finance to your customers, please provide us with your details below and a member of our Flexi-Fi team will be in touch.

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